Welcome to Awaken

...community for those in a work transition or layoff to find connection, and awaken the next dream

About Us

What is Awaken?

Awaken is an online community for those navigating a work transition or layoff to make connections, dispel isolation, and start sorting through the puzzle of what's next. Members will have access to resources that assist with topics ranging from practical to personal. 

Whether you’re launching a job search, or need to find healing and hope to awaken the next dream, our online courses and live events will serve as a "one-stop shop" to begin moving forward. 

WHO is it for:

This learning community is specifically for people who identify as women and/or BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color). We recognize that our identities can often shape our work experience, especially as it relates to a layoff. 

Together we’ll create a space that offers encouragement as well as tangible next steps. 

Members gain access to:

  • Monthly Live Q & A sessions with one or several of our career, leadership, and transition coaches. 

  • Courses and templates on resumes, cover letters, interviews, and more

  • Job Search Strategy Guide

  • Professional Summary Statement Guide

  • Weekly reflection questions and prompts

  • Learning Labs - Live and Recorded events with industry leaders and guest speakers where they offer expertise and hiring insights. Some example topics will include: 

    • "Recognizing the role of grief in a layoff"

    • “Intersections and Identity, How our identities affect our experience of a layoff”

    • "Networking for Introverts" 

    • "Brushing Up on Interview Skills"

    • "Applying for Unemployment - What to Know"

  • The ability to post questions and gain feedback so you don't feel alone in your job search & transition!

Our Values: 

We believe that lived experience matters! You and your cultural knowledge can enhance the quality of any environment, work, home or community. Drawing from your full self—your talents, strengths, and experiences empowers people to build communities of support, resilience and growth. There are reasons that many of us have been taught to shapeshift who we are in the workplace - racism and mysogony to name a few! And it’s because of this, that we all the more take a subversive stance that 

You can read more about our community guidelines here.

Membership Options: 

Awaken Member - a person experiencing a layoff, who wants to find encouragement, support, and awaken their next dream.

Awaken Advocate - a person who believes in the work of Awaken, and wants to offer insights, connections and support to people in the group 

We want to make this community as accessible as possible. That’s why we have a flat membership/advocate fee.

  • $24 a month - Once you have found your way to new employment, we invite you to stay in the community! To encourage others with your story and keep the space affordable for those recently laid off or creating their next step.  We hope you’ll advocate for others who are navigating through what you just experienced.

For more information about Awaken, contact [email protected]

Why You Should Join Us

If you find yourself endlessly scrolling online for jobs...or if you find yourself not being sure where to start in your career search, we encourage you to find a connection to others and dispel the isolation of job searching. This community is a place of encouragement AND action! Find new footing with others who are navigating a similar circumstance!